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Fixit Dubai provides Handyman service for our clients. Your jobs are done precisely and carefully without spoiling resources and time through our professional handymen. As an experienced Handyman, we undertake Mounting TV on the wall, Hanging Frames, Hanging Lights & Chandeliers, Fixing Cracks, Paint Touchups and more.

handyman to fix frames

Frames & Pictures

A well fixed picture frame adorns your wall. But if it fixes without prpoer skill then it can simply spoils the job by hanging the frames angled or not aligned well and it simply spoil the wall. Also execessive & unnessary drilling damages the wall. So we provide well experienced handyman who can fix your frames straight and upto your satisfaction.

curtain fixing

Fixing Curtains & Blinds

Another job which requires more experience is Curtain & Blind fixing. Any person without proper experience try to do the job then the result may not be satisfactory. The wise decision is to call our Handyman and do the job perfectly. Our experienced staff bring proper equipments and complete with in minimum.

drilling walls

TV Fixing on Wall

Brought a new LCD Television and don’t know how to fix it on the wall, call us we are experienced and our advantage is we comes with proper tools and supplies to complete the job. We secure your television and save your wall with perfect placement. Error free Drilling prevents the unnecessary hole on your wall.

our services

We have full range of Services for Home & Office. Below are the major services which we undertakes.


Handyman job is not easy. To complete the job with out error requires proper experience.

handyman service


Its important for us to be a reliable Handyman. So we make sure we will be fully equipped, when we approach the customer. We keep all the tools and necessary materials for a Handyman must carry.


We position our drilling holes by laser device. So we get absolute positining with out error and wasting time. It’s important the Drilling holes must be aligned properly to fix multiple frames accuratly. We value our customers.

dubai handyman service
expert handyman


Drilling generates dust, so its important to avoid dust because we our job in a occupied property. So we use the modern dust collector to avoid dust. We value our customer’s belongings.


We bring all required Nails, Screws, Fix bolts, Flushers, Hooks & you don't need to worry about those things. And it’s free of cost. Even if you missed some of the screws in your cupboard or wardrobe replace it with free of cost.

handyman with screws
expert handyman service


We expect a Smile. It’s a Smile of satisfaction. To achieve your satisfaction, its important for us to deal with our customers in a professional manner. We value our customers.

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